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Why are we different from our competition

Why AppleBee ?

  • Founders are the main developers to provide commitment to promises
  • Dedicated support team, never shy of helping customer problem.
  • Your data is always safe with us; we ensure data security is our top priority
  • Our pricing is always within reach of our clients, but we exceed in expectations.
  • With more than 50 Years of combined IT Experience from founders, your school operations are in veteran hands to make your school excels in every leap.

What Makes AppleBee Different

Enquiry and Admission Tracking

Enquiry and Admission Tracking

Attendance with RFID and BIO Metrics

We incorporated both Bio Metrics and RFID in our application, so that you can always use it or upgrade to it based on your needs.

Fee Management Term Wise

Fee Payments can be made Online through us. Also receive and make alerts as needed.

Accounting with all sub ledgers in mind

You can call our accounting module as the School Accounting as this will compete with any major industry standard Accounting software’s.

Transportation with GPS Tracking

Our application will trace all the information that your vehicles contribute. Also, users can configure and customize this module to suit the needs.

Mobile App to have your school at a touch distance

We will tell about your school, activities and admissions. Even we can display real time status of your vacancies and admissions. So you can leave those enquiry calls, that takes your staff time.

Reports can never be this detail

We will show every detail of the school performance, activity in real time reports; we covered major reports that any school needed across the departments, it can be Financial, academic and HR reports.

Top Notch Infrastructure

We will compromise on our Price, but not on Quality that we provide to clients. That Why we opted for Microsoft Azure, SSL, and SQL Server.

Customers Support is part of our game

We don’t just deliver the software; we will be there with you as an extra hand any time to make this sublime experience even greater and smoother. To know more please check our testimonials.


Parents don't miss a single update about their child

Communication Covered between all entities in Childs education - Parent,Faculty and Student

Class Work & Home Wok

Smart Notifications

WhatsApp Integration

SMS Integration


More Faster, More Powerful and Simple


Students On Cloud


Mobile App DOwnloads


Total Transactions

Onboard, Customize, Excel and Connect

Simple & Beautiful User Interface

Our Happy Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome Design!

We used to maintain accounts manually in Tally software as we don't have accounting functionality in our old school ERP software. It used to take time to keep entries in Tally and we maintained an employee by paying 10000 salary per month. We also paid 20000 Rs for Tally software license. AppleBeeClass is providing auto accounting configurations so we are using AppleBeeClass for both student management and Accounting and it saved 150000 per year.

Tinytots Management

Simple and Useful!

We used to send information like Home work, Notifications in Dairy and paper slips which is a tedious job and it also costs every student 100 Rs per year and we used invest around 1000 papers in a day. Using Mobile App notifications we have saved 2,50,000 this year and we are also able to collect fee dues on time as AppleBeeClass Parent app will display fee due amount and fee due dates clearly and also send the notifications to all parents automatically.

Crayons Management

Great Flexibility!

Me and my wife both are working so it was very difficult for us to know about our kids homework and the school activities planned before we reach home. AppleBeeClass parent app helped us to know our kids Homework and school activities in advance and we used to buy all the required stationary before we reach home and we plan our day in office accordingly. We also plan our vacation based on the school vacation plan published in AppleBeeClass parent mobile app.

Crayons Parent

I love this App!

Using AppleBeeClass dashboards and reports, able to assess the growth of the school in terms of Admissions, Revenue, Expenditure and Performance. I am able to observe the trend over the years which helped me to take strategic decisions. Student 360 degree view helped to assess the student in academic, curricular and extra - curricular activities

Springboard Management

Supper Support!

All our directors knows what's going on and we have daily updates about our expenditures, income. They have clear visibility about the upcoming expenditures and income and able to manage revenue deficits. It also helped us in staff meetings to assess teachers performance subject wise and we are able to put the performance targets like subject wise average score which motivates them to achieve those targets.

Tinytots Management

Best App for Around!

I can check my kids due amount and due dates, able to pay the amount on time. I am also able to download fee receipts from mobile at the time of tax filing. I am exited every day to watch my kids photos which will be sent by their class teachers. I am really happy to see nice pictures of my kids doing different activities in the school.

Crayons Parent

Unlock full power of the AppleBee

AppleBee Entry
5k /yr *
  • Branch configuration
  • Admissions
  • Fee Collections with Integrated SMS
  • Student Information System
  • SMS
  • Digital Diary
  • Notifications
  • Unlimited Users/staff
  • Attendance
  • Fee Reports

Free - 10 SMS per Student (Additional Charges on more SMS usage 6 @ Rs:1)

AppleBee Basic
5 /mo *

per student

  • Branch configuration
  • Admissions
  • Fee Collections with Integrated SMS
  • Student Information System
  • SMS
  • Digital Diary
  • Notifications
  • Unlimited Users/staff
  • Attendance
  • Fee Reports

Free - 10 SMS per Student (Additional Charges on more SMS usage 6@ Rs:1)

AppleBee S
8 /mo *

per student

  • Entry Model +

  • Parent Login Weblink
  • Exam Management
  • Student Information System
  • Fee Integrated and/or Adhoc Accounting Management Suite
  • Parent Mobile App

Free - 20 SMS Per Student (Additional Charges on more SMS usage 6@ Rs:1)

AppleBee Pro
18 /mo *

per student

  • Basic Model +

  • Customized Reports (Upto 5)
  • URL with School/College Name
  • Parent Mobile App with School/College Logo
  • AppleBee Admin App
  • AppleBee Teacher App
  • BioMetric integration
  • Online Payment

Free - Unlimited SMS Per Student

Note! Prices may vary from school to school depending on school requirements.

Have Questions? Look Here.

Yes, we have free trial and customers can use this to validate our product functionalities. They will get the access for 90 days and they can use it for daily operations like Admissions, Enquiries, Attendance, Fee collection etc. During this trial period, we will help our customers to use the product. If there are any enhancements required to the product, our team will address them in short span of time. We will start billing customer only after we satisfy all the needs of the customer, we extend the free trial till we complete all the enhancements we committed to the customer.

Customer can unsubscribe as simple as they subscribe to the product. We will have an agreement with customer during customer subscription process for a particular tenure and our agreement includes our commitments about pricing and services. The new agreement will be created after end of the previous agreement tenure. Our application allows customers to take data back up in their local servers as and when needed. We provide customers data backup based on customers request and send to the customer.

Yes, we have user guide presentations and training video's for all the modules. School staff can go through the video's and use the product easily. We also provide user trainings as and when they needed.

Yes, our product allows customers to upload their existing data to AppleBeeClass and we allocate dedicated resources to ensure that all the data is migrated properly into AppleBeeClass. Customers can also migrate data on daily basis for example Attendance, Admissions, Fee collections etc.

We provide customizations based on customer needs. Most of the times we create new reports for customers to display the data in the required format and we don't charge separately for all these minor changes. We only charge customers for major enhancements.

Yes, we have a best team to provide customer support and always guide our customers during the usage of the product.

We are going to integrate Artificial Intelligence in our product which helps school management and parents to predict the trend in terms of student performance and take necessary actions in advance. AI also helps to estimate the growth in terms of student head count and staff performance. We are also coming up with key performance indicators which helps the management to take key decisions.

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